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Get your team in alignment with your brand

does your team know what's at the core of your business?

Make sure your team gives a fig so that your marketing message is communicated consistently in print media, digital media, in the community and in the workplace. 

Okay, so you have already developed your brand (or if you haven’t we can help). Now how are you going to get your team on board so that your brand message is consistently communicated? And wouldn’t it be awesome if your team did this not because they have to…but because they want to?

Here’s where our consulting, training and coaching services come in to play. Now if you are rolling your eyes, it’s probably because you have seen too many movies or infomercials or attended too many generic courses that were designed to get you excited while you were there, but fizzled out once you got back to your office.

Now I can’t say for sure whether you will find our programs exciting. But excitement isn’t our focus. Neither is getting bogged down in jargon. Our focus in on making sure that your team is on board with your marketing message.

Our ServIces

We work with you to figure out what your unique needs are. We start with a free phone consultation.
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We develop a plan to help your team understand your company’s mission and values


We deliver trainings so your team understands how to be in alignment with your brand


We provide individual and small group coaching to help your team remain in alignment with your brand

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Yes! I want an effective business strategy that gives my business a competitive edge by making sure my team gives a fig!

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With the current state of the world, everyone and everything seems to be fair game for scrutiny. Whether we like it or not, the concept of a private citizen is eroding. Helping your team understand the importance of their personal brand and how it aligns with the brand of your business is a key step in shaping the perception of your brand.  You can’t control everything that happens out there, but clear brand guidelines help your team understand where the lines are – and they give you something to refer back to if those lines are crossed.

And don’t forget that your team can be a great asset outside of the workplace. Building brand loyalty is often talked about in terms of customers and clients – and building the loyalty of a business’ team is often neglected. Yet, when you build a truly aligned team you have ambassadors that will want to represent your business in the best light.

Are you ready to develop your business and get your team aligned with your brand?