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you won't get squeezed working with us

We won’t sell you on things you don’t need, and we promise to communicate with you in a language that you can easily understand.

With so many online services out there, it’s hard to know what your business actually requires in order to engage with your customers in the digital marketplace. Our core values at Hocking Consultants include a commitment to transparency in our processes and a commitment to doing what is best for you – not what is most profitable for us.

Transparency in our processes means that we communicate with you along the way, and explain our reasons for the recommendations we are making for your business. We also communicate with you in a language that you understand and make sure that you aren’t overwhelmed by jargon that confuses people.

Our commitment to doing what’s best for you means that we make decisions based on what your business needs. We don’t pad our pockets by selling you things that don’t serve your goals. It’s just who we are at the core.

Our Services

We work with you to figure out what your unique needs are. We start with a free phone consultation.
If phone isn’t your thing, don’t stress. We can get started over email.

Existing Website Consultation

Is your website out of date or missing the mark? We evaluate your website and offer strategies for success

Website Design & development

We provide comprehensive website design & development services with a marketing focus

Digital brand

We assure that your brand is applied consistently across social media channels and digital marketplaces

a diy website? That's just bananas

Those TV ads make it seem easy to build your own website but savvy business owners know better than to waste their precious time on something they aren’t an expert in. Our expertise includes the following and more…



e commerce shopfronts




online forums


facebook pixel integration


payment gateways


membership websites


social media channel set up


google analytics


learning management systems


email campaigns


mobile website design


online forms


help me develop my digital presence

Yes! I want an effective digital strategy that gives my business a competitive edge and reaches customers where they are!

Digital strategy & services that won’t leave your customers hanging

You’ve found the friendly team you’re looking for with Hocking Consultants

Let’s face it, in this day and age we don’t need to persuade you that you need a website. Everyone knows that a website is an essential marketing tool. But what you may not realize is that websites are no longer a set and forget kind of thing. When you invest in a website you want to make sure that it’s working for you. With our range of services we can make sure that your website is kept up to date with not only a fresh look, but with fresh content, fresh apps and fresh integrations.

Your digital strategy also needs to extend beyond the computer screen so we make sure that your customers can find you wherever they are in the digital marketplace.

If you’re ready to take a fresh approach with your digital strategy contact us!